IRCTC Registration and IRCTC Login Process

It is an Indian Railway Portal or website where you can do all the things like booking tickets and cancel the tickets as well you will get complete information about your PNR, refunds, ticket cancellation, booked train tickets history, tatkal ticket, etc. Here we have gathered all the details available about IRCTC Registration and IRCTC Login which can help you further to know how to create new account, features and how you can use all features of Indian Railway easily.

IRCTC full form is Indian railway catering and Tourism Corporation, which is responsible for handling all tasks of Indian railways whether from booking tickets to catering purpose. Indian railways an Indian enterprise is owned by Ministry of railways.

First of all we would like to introduce you to the official website how its looks like (shown below).

IRCTC Registration

Procedure to create an new account in Indian railway website.

With the evolution the medium of transport has been constantly changing and growing up. Travelling is a means of transport which has grown day by day earlier there were bullock carts and now there are trains and flights. Indian railways are one of the world’s largest railway networks. It has grown over to 116,000 km of railway tracks. As now you know from above picture how the home page looks like now you can easily visit the website.

Follow these simple steps to reach to the official website:

For this you must have an internet connection either on your phone or on your laptop or computer whichever you are using.

Type IRCTC log in page on Google or directly type on your web browser. It will direct you towards your main website page.

If you went through Google it will show homepage link and also various options like login, IRCTC Next Generation, IRCTC online passenger, or sign up. Simply select login option as shown below:


Choose if you want to sign into the account or choose other options that may be suitable for you. If you will choose IRCTC login the following page will appear

Documents Required for Registration in Register

From many years, it is providing an online ticket booking service which has become an easiest way to book tickets online. For online booking you don’t have to stand on those long queues and wait for your chance to come and book ticket sometimes it also happened that you were waiting in queue and all tickets got booked so that was also one of the problems faced by them, due to which it has provided such easy going services to us. It is very easy to book tickets online you just have to follow simple steps to book tickets online.

Before you creating an account, you need to have the following documents with you otherwise you won’t be able to create new IRCTC account.

List of required documents

1. Your correct name as mentioned on your documents
2. Date of birth (DOB)
3 Pan Card number
4. Aadhar card number
5. You should already have an account with you registered on any of the websites such as Gmail, yahoo, and hotmail or with any website.

Need to have existing email account, you won’t be able to create new IRCTC account because the link for your user name and password would be further sent to your registered email account and also you will receive a link of activation on that account.

So it is advisable to create an account on either of the above mentioned email service provider who’s Login Id and password is already with you.

IRCTC Registration / IRCTC Sign up Process

1. Go to Indian railways website through Google or any search engine you might be using which may be Bing or something else.
2. Go to the log in page option.
3. You will see a sign up option in the right side of the page.

IRCTC Sign up Page

Screnshot of Sign up Page

4. Click on sign up option.
5. Then a window will open where you have to fill in all details like User ID, password, security questions, Date of birth details, name etc…

Filling IRCTC New Account Registration Page

Filling IRCTC New Account Registration Page

6. Please fill in all those details carefully.
7. It is advisable that you should write answers of security questions somewhere because in case you forgot your password they will help you to retrieve it again.
8. Please enter your Email-id and mobile number correctly because this is where you will receive a link for further processing.
9. Enter your Pan Card details and other details correctly.
10. After filling all the details enter the capcha correctly and save.
11. Remember if capcha is not correct or if you have not filled the mandatory details it will not save until you do it correctly.
12. Click on “Submit Registration Form>>>”.
13. After saving a link will be sent to your registered Email where you can activate your account and also change your username and password if you want.

Verification or Activation Email From IRCTC

Verification or Activation Email

14. Remember after clicking on the link only the account will get activated otherwise it will not
15. In case you have entered a wrong Email Id you have to again create an account where you have to provide the correct details.
16. After successfully activating your account you can log into website and book your tickets easily.
17. For how to book a ticket there are guidelines provided where you can go and book ticket easily.
18. In case you don’t have entered wrong mail you have to go to new login window.

IRCTC Online login mode where you can book tickets through it’s websites where you just have to create your account and enter all the details required like your name, age, Date of birth, mobile number and click on save options then a login Id and password will be generated on your mail which you have to enter and then you can sign into your account easily.

IRCTC Login / IRCTC Sign in Process

You can login into your account if you already have an existing IRCTC account that you have created before, else you may create a new account. For booking tickets you need to log in into your account follow the following steps to book tickets.
1. Go to the login page.
2. Enter your login User ID and password.
3. A window shown below will appear.

IRCTC Ticket Booking Page

Ticket Booking Page

4. Type the 3 digit code of the stations you want to travel from and to. For example ADI (Ahmadabad junction), INDB (Indore junction)
5. Select the date you want to travel on you can also book a return ticket if you want.
6. Then press submit you will get the details of the trains available for you on the respective date.
Train availability Window
7. Select the train from the various available trains’ options.
8. Select the quota you want to book ticket in whether it may be general, premium tatkal, physically handicapped, ladies or tatkal.
9. After selecting the quota click on the class you want to choose.
10. Select the class you want to travel in example- sleeper class, 3AC, 1AC.
IRCTC login page seat availability
11. When you will click on class option it will show the details of the available seats on the date before or after your travel date.
12. It will also show whether the seats are available or there is a waiting list.
13. So if the tickets are not available on the date of your journey it provides you other options to plan your journey and select from other dates if you are comfortable with that.
14. After selecting the date it will ask you details of the passengers for whom you want to book tickets for the travel.

Booking time window

Booking time window

15. You need to enter certain details as above mentioned you need to have certain documents with you.
16. You also need to enter -ID proof details example- Pan Card number or other details enter them.
17. Don’t forget to carry your original ID -proof that you entered the details of as it could be proof of your identification during your journey.
18. It is advisable to enter correct details of the id-proof you are carrying otherwise your tickets may get cancelled during your travel.
19. Also you must carry the same id -proof whose details you provided during your booking.

IRCTC Mobile Ticket Booking

In today’s era of mobile phones everything can be ordered online similarly booking tickets also has became an easy thing. You can directly go to app store where all your mobile apps are stored. You can easily download app of IRCTC and log in. To create an account through mobile follows the following steps

1. Go to play store if you are using an android mobile or app store if you are using IOS or Windows.
2. Search for IRCTC application.
3. Opt for sign up if you don’t have your account.
4. Enter your Login id and password if you already have an account.

IRCTC Mobile App

IRCTC Mobile App

How to Book Train Tickets through Counter

Offline mode where you can go on respective station that is nearby to you and you can purchase ticket by cash from the cash counter.

Booking Train Ticket at Counter

Booking Train Ticket at Counter

For getting a ticket you have to follow a few steps-
1. You have to go to the ticket counter and stand in a queue.
2. You have to pay the money through cash when your turn comes.
3. You can book as much tickets you can book but you will get tickets depending on the availability.

How to Book Indian Railway Train Tickets via Travel Agent

Where you give cash to the agent who has the authority to book tickets from his account by giving him money through cash

IRCTC Travel Agent

IRCTC Travel Agent

You can do these by following simple steps
1. You have to search for an agent who is already registered with IRCTC.
2. You can pay him by cash he will book your ticket and give you hard copy of the ticket.
3. On this ticket your PNR number would be mentioned which will further help you in cancellation if you want.