How to Cancel Train Ticket

By | July 25, 2017

You planned a journey with your friends at last moment and booked tatkal tickets now no one wants to go to the trip the reason might be you have booked tickets to a religious place and no one is interested in it now. Now the question arises can we cancel tatkal ticket? The answer to your question is ‘YES’ you can cancel ticket. You know that normal tickets can be cancelled and there might be some charges which may apply. Remember that cancellations are allowed only of the tickets that are booked online no face to face tickets booked or tickets booked through counter can be cancelled.

Cancel Train Ticket easily

You can easily cancel normal tickets and these might be easier for you. Normal tickets are usually cancelled before 48 hours of the departure of the train. If you want to know the charges that may apply you can visit where you can visit procedure for cancellation of E-tickets.

How to Cancel Train Ticket

How to Cancel Train Ticket

I think when you cancel normal tickets some deduction from your amount takes place this might be because you have booked a ticket which might be useful for other and at the end moment you are cancelling it so that might be the reason for the deduction or tax might be the reason for the deduction because tax is applied to the respective ticket. If the tickets is cancelled 12 hours before the departure of the train then 25% of the charges will apply, if the tickets are cancelled 4 hours prior to departure then flat 50% of the tickets is charged.

Tatkal tickets can be cancelled but before the chart preparation. Chart is usually prepared for example if the train departs at 7pm then chart is usually prepared by 4 pm of the same day so if chart is not prepared and you want to cancel ticket.

Cancel Train Ticket through TDR filing

You can also cancel IRCTC Tickets after chart is prepared but for that user needs to file a TDR(ticket deposit receipt) and check the status of refund TDR is provided to the i ticket users for e -ticket users they have to file a TDR online they can do this by following the simple


  1. Go to
  2. Log in through your user name and password.
  3. Go to my transactions.
  4. Select the pnr number for which TDR needs to be filled.
  5. Click on the file TDR button below.
  6. Select the passenger details for which you are claiming TDR refund.
  7. Select from the reasons below as why you want to file a TDR Or if you are selecting others then type the reason for the same.
  8. If you are done then click ok remember no changes can be made once TDR is filled.
  9. Click on submit button.
  10. You will be directed towards TDR filled confirmation page.
  11. You can check TDR history from left hand side.
  12. Your money will be credited to the same account through which you booked your tickets.You can also check your refund status.

Tatkal Ticket cancellation through IRCTC Agent

In case you have booked your ticket through an agent and you want to cancel that tatkal ticket after chart preparation the procedure can be a bit hectic because you have to follow the following

  • Inform your agent that you want to cancel tatkal ticket
  • Agent will have to drop a mail to
  • agent needs to provide the following details to the mail
  • Date of journey, Serial number, PNR number, train number, passenger name, From travelling, travelling to, Transaction Id, age, sex, and also reasons for filling TDR
  • No refund will be given to tatkal tickets booked as e- tickets.

In case if train is cancelled

In case if your train is cancelled you can get a refund for this you need to call customer support service of IRCTC.

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