How to Book Tatkal Ticket

By | July 25, 2017

Booking Tatkal Ticket scheme is one of the best schemes launched by Indian Railway Government. Tatkal as the word represents immediate which means booking at last minute.

For example, If you have urgency that you should be present in Mumbai for a meeting just day after tomorrow and you want it to be economic and comfortable and you don’t have time boundations Or may be for those people who have habit of making last minute plans or booking at last minutes tatkal service is also promising when you have a long waiting list so at that time also you can have a chance to book your tickets for your journey travelling through railways is one of the best option as it provides you with catering and other facility also. Remember tatkal option will not give you money back in case you again dropped your plan on the day of your journey. Tickets once booked through IRCTC Tatkal cannot be cancelled or if cancelled their might be some charges which may apply.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Process

  1. Go to the official IRCTC website at
  2. Now your need to enter your login User id and password.
  3. Select the quick book option (shown below).

    eTicket Quick Book Option

    eTicket Quick Book Option

  4. Then select the stations from where you want to go from the source station
    For Example: you can select Ahmadabad (ADI) or Indore (INDB) station codes.
  5. Select journey date and class.
  6. Now in Quota select Tatkal option note that there are two tatkal options premium tatkal and general tatkal.
  7. You can select any of the options but tatkal option would be better over premium tatkal.

    Tatkal Ticket

    Tatkal Ticket

  8. In premium tatkal tickets are overpriced according to their demands and it opens only when half of the tatkal tickets are sold so better to try tatkal option over premium option.
  9. Enter the required details and book your train tickets.

Tips for booking Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC (Do and Don’t)

  1. Remember while you’re booking ticket it is advisable to carry a pan card or driving license as id proof because it would be required during the booking of your tickets.
  2. Carry the similar ID proof along with you during your journey as it will be a proof of your identification.
  3. Remember while booking tatkal ticket you can borrow your friends registered login id and password and try to book your tickets through that also because chances of booking will increase.
  4. Dont uses the same login id and password from different laptops as you will be logged out of your profile if you try to do this.
  5. Remember that tatkal ticket booking timings open only for one day so you need to be sure which day you need to book your tatkal tickets
    For example: If your journey date is 28th then your tatkal booking date would be 27th.
  6. If train travel time is 28th and 29th you can book tatkal tickets on 27th only.
  7. Remember the time for booking will be 10 am for ac class and 11 am for non ac class.
  8. You can fill all the details required before booking also as it will save your time.
  9. Use debits or credits cards of bank which provides a faster gateway processing option than others which are slower.

Hope these Tatkal Booking Tips will help you to book your train tickets easily and quickly with getting more chances of ticket confirmation.

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  1. Ovalle

    I was trying to book tatkal ticket in IRCTC website, I have already followed all instructions mentioned at for registration and then after login. I wanted to know more about payment methods available to book ticket in IRCTC website. Also Can I book Tatkal ticket with my SBI credit card?


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