Steps to check seat availability in train

By | July 25, 2017

Indian Railways Seat Availability: Gone is the era when people used to rush towards the station to know whether their seats are confirmed are not. Earlier when the internet had not come into existence and only counter bookings were allowed (that is offline booking).

No online bookings were allowed and thus people have to stand in long queue to know whether their tickets are confirmed or not. With the evolution of the internet, a lot of the tasks have become easier and now people can check all the things online whether it is the confirmation of the seats or to check the availability status of the seats in the train.

Indian Railway Seat availability

Indian Railway Seat availability

IRCTC has introduced their official websites with the help of which it is much easier to find all the things online. So the procedure is overall much easier and just one click away which is less time to consume and also makes your journey more comfortable.

There are a various number of websites which offer you the chance to check the seat availability in train and also to book your ticket according to your plans.

Steps to check Irctc seat availability in train (Indian Railway seat availability details)

  1. First you need to visit the official page of IRCTC where you have to log in with your Id password if you are already a registered user then you need to login if not then you need to create an account and then log in.
  2. You need to enter the train name to check the Indian Railway seat availability between two stations.
  3. Then you have to enter the station code for example INDB for Indore city, this is the station where you will be starting your journey from.
  4. Then you need to enter the station where you want to go so enter the station code which will be your destination.
  5. In the next column enter the date of a journey when you want to begin your travel the format will be like Date/month /year.

    How to check seat availability in train

    How to check seat availability in train

  6. From the next column select the appropriate option of your choice (AC chair car/first AC/Second AC/ Third AC/Third AC economy/First class/ sleeper class/second seating/general) which class you want to select.
  7. The next column will be quota choose the appropriate quota from the list ladies quota/Tatkal quota/ General Quota/ House Quota/Foreign Tourist Quota//Premium Tatkal Quota etc.
  8. After selecting all the options click on check train seat availability options to check railway seat availability.
  9. You will find a number of seats available, remember if the train is occupied you will get options like “Not available”.
  10. IRCTC provides you other options also like seats available on the upcoming dates or before dates available for you when seats are actually available.

IRCTC provides various options for booking tickets. You can book online tickets easily whether you want to book a tatkal ticket which is usually booked a day before the journey or normal tickets.
Which can be booked till one day before the journey? You can book the maximum of six tickets from your website from 8 AM TO 10 AM in one month.

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