Book Tatkal Tickets on IRCTC Rail Connect App Faster

Now one another step is taken by the government of India towards the digital India campaign by launching IRCTC Rail Connect App. As we all know Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corp. Ltd., handle all the online ticket booking, now it launched its new and much faster app to facilitate Indian citizens. The main USP of this application is that it is very simple to use and can be easily run in every interface and has an additional layer of security.

Previously IRCTC launched its app IRCTC Connect, which failed to serve Indian citizen this the reason this is not working anymore. To eradicate, all the problems that were a rise in the previous app, IT department of Indian launched its new app i.e IRCTC Rail Connect App which is freely available for Android mobile phone on the NGet platform. This app was launched on January 10, till now over 1,00,000 people download this app and enjoy the E-ticket only in one click.

IRCTC Rail Connect App
IRCTC Rail Connect App

How to Install IRCTC Rail Connect App in Mobile Phones

1) It is very easy to download IRCTC Rail Connect App in Android platform and only occupy 11.65 MB memory of your smartphone. This app is also integrated with Food on Track and IRCTC Air, however in order to use these apps, first you have to download them. The size of Food on Track and IRCTC Air apps is 3 MB and 10.53 MB, respectively.

2) After that user has to register in this app first and fill all the required information. The existing users can IRCTC log in to IRCTC Rail Connect App by using their old credentials. Each time when a user opens this app, he/she has to fill Train Ticket, Air Ticket or Book Meal.

3) For the security purpose, users have to enter OTP which will be sent to his/her registered mobile number.

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What are the benefits of IRCTC Rail Connect App

There are many facilities which fall under this amazing app to serve common Indian people. Here we mentioned all the benefits of IRCTC Rail Connect App

1) IRCTC Rail Connect App is absolutely free of cost and can run easily is every platform.

2) The IRCTC Rail Connect App is synchronized with the official website of railway department and also supports the old version of the app. With the help of this app users can also see their transactions and cancellations history.

3) The IRCTC Rail Connect App allow users to cancel or file TDR for e-tickets easily. Users can also book Tatkal ticket and premium tatkal tickets by using this app.

4) In this app Ladies quota is also added for Indian females

5) This app except for all Payment mode for booking e-ticket.

6) Previously it was not possible to book tickets after chart preparation but now remaining seats after the char declaration can also book under Current reservation

7) IRCTC Rail Connect App offers a boarding point change functionality.

8) This app is very secure and some high-level security filters are used in the application.

Top 5 Tatkal Ticket Booking Software Online

Many times we want to book tickets online and when it comes to tatkal tickets it becomes more difficult because tatkal tickets booking has a limited period of time and many times it happened that you fail to book a ticket instead of the best server or internet connection. It happened many times, if you ask people around you. You will get the same answer tatkal booking is like a dream come true for most of the people if the tickets get booked on time. Tatkal booking is easier for agents because they have already got a number of seats in hand but these agents charge actually double money from the people than the normal ticket fare and that’s why most of the people don’t prefer them. So if you have also been facing such problems. I have collected some information for you. Get Top 5 Tatkal Ticket Booking Software Online which help you to book tatkal tickets within 5 Sec easily and comfortably.

Following are the IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Software Online:

1. MyRailinfo plug-in/ Autofill extension:

This is one of the top software that can be used to book the tatkal ticket the unique feature of this tatkal ticket is that it saves time because it auto-fills all the details of passenger name, age, I’d etc.. Using this extension will help you to book the ticket during IRCTC website. You should follow the following steps for booking-

  1. Visit Install plugin you can open in google chrome and it is also working with firefox browser.
  2. After installation open plugin and fill in all the details like your Irctc password,age sex,DOB etc..
  3. You can fill the credit card/debit card details before hand.
  4. When you are done with filling save the data and log into your IRCTC account
  5. After selecting train and all details you can select book option.
  6. You can select the plugin and it will fill the data for you.
  7. Choose the payment details and payment details and get your tickets confirmed.

However, this website is free of cost but it will ask you to pay the minimum of  10 Rs which you can pay easily.

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2. My fast booking – Autofill extension:

This autofill extension is an automatic process which fills all your data automatically All you need to do it save the data. Then the data will be automatically filled in IRCTC websites. Besides this, it also provides other options which are explained below.

  1. You need to open
  2. You can install it to chrome or firefox.
  3. After the installation is complete you may find three options free plan, social plan, premium plan

  4. Choose the free form, social form or premium according to your needs.
  5. Fill the details in IRCTC form to all the passenger details.
  6. You can now save the form. The data will get updated automatically. After booking tickets you can close the browser.
  7. The best part of this browser.
  8. Once you opened the tatkal booking browser don’t refresh it.
  9. Remember the session of the page is 3 minutes and it will expire after that.
  10. This also charges a 10rs charge for booking one tatkal ticket.

3. extension:

  1. This is another extension of chrome that helps you book faster tickets.
  2. You can visit the website
  3. You can log in through either your Google plus or Facebook id.
  4. Register on the website and click enable
  5. Give a name to a form so that every time you are doing journey it becomes easier for you.
  6. Enter all the details like journey and passenger details.
  7. Enter the mobile number which is registered with your IRCTC account. Fill the IRCTC username and password and if there are any children also fill the details.
  8. Save form you are done with all the things.

4. Roboform:

This is one of the software that is available for free for 30 days. You can have a free trial of 30 days with this software. This is simple software that stores all the information that is required. It cost $9.95/year. You can also use this software for other purposes too. So if you want to use this software you can use it and then use the expiry version of it.

5. Tatkal now:

This is one of the another software that can be used to book your tatkal tickets you can book your tickets with ease and comfort. This tool allows filling the payment details saving your time.

  1. You can visit the website and install this software it will appear as green icon toolbar.
  2. Click login and enter all the details like payment and passenger details.
  3. The payment details will not be saved in the form it will be temporary only.

Using this software doesn’t exempt you from the rules and regulations of IRCTC you can use IRCTC only twice a month and then you cannot use it. So you should be aware of all the rules and regulations before using this tatkal ticket booking software download. You can fill the forms beforehand so it avoids last minute rush. Remember you cannot use all software simultaneously, because if you do such thing you will not be able to book from any of the software.

How to check PNR Status of your Train

What is PNR status?

PNR status is a short form of (passenger name record). It is basically a record type which is saved in their database as records of the reservation of the tickets on the name of the particular person. As the other proof of documents like PAN card or driving license are stored during the time of reservation. It’s not difficult for the railways as well to confirm the tickets and this makes the database more up to date and secured.

To me more precise whenever a ticket is booked with Indian railways all the details of the passenger are stored in the central database system. These details of the passenger are linked through a 10 digit number called as the PNR number. This number is printed on the ticket and is unique for each ticket. On this PNR number, all the personal information of the passenger like name, age , gender and pan card or driving license number are stored. It has columns which store the current status and booking status of tickets.

PNR Status
PNR Status

As the train has a limited number of seats available, sometimes when the ticket is not confirmed you will get a waiting list (W/L) option. When the seats become available the newly confirmed tickets has a PNR status which can be checked easily online or through a log in your account. So when your tickets are confirmed all you should have is its PNR status which will be a confirmation of your seat number and your journey through the train.

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Where to find PNR number on tickets?

You can find PNR number generally on the top left corner of the tickets in case of the tickets that are booked offline through the window and in the case of tickets booked online the PNR status is printed on top in a separate cell. This PNR number is a 10 digit number which is usually separated by the hyphen.

How can you check PNR status?

There are a number of ways available through which you can check your PNR status-

  1. You can check PNR status through online websites you can just type on Google check PNR status and you will be automatically directed towards the website to check PNR status.
  2. You can also check the current reservation using SMS.
  3. There are mobile applications available which may help you to check your PNR status quickly if you have already downloaded them.
  4. You can also check your status through counters that are available at railways.
  5. Finally, you can check the PNR through the list that is made one hour before the departure of the train. And is fixed near the gate of the train before departure so if you do not have any online mode to check your PNR status you can opt this way also

There are various websites which are available online to check the PNR status-

  • -This website is doing a great job though it is an unofficial website but you can check PNR status easily. Apart from PNR enquiries, it provides other enquiries as well like we can check station code, coach status and all.
  • – This is the official web portal of Indian railways. You can also easily check your PNR status here.
  •– It is the only website of IRCTC where you can book the online ticket. If you have booked your ticket through this website then you can go online check the booked history. Select your ticket and get The PNR status of your ticket.

Indian railways have provided each and every facility to satisfy their customers to watch their PNR status. The customers can check PNR status through SMS also. Indian railways have provided these services. Most used service among them is as follows.

  1. 139 SMS service- This service is one of the first services that is launched by Indian railways. Passengers can easily get the PNR status they want through this service one just needs to do the following things. They just need to type an SMS and sent it to 139.

PNR<type your 10 digit PNR number>

For example PNR 1234567890

This facility is available by various sim card providers like BSNL, Aircel, Airtel, Idea, Loop, MTNL, Reliance, Tata, Telenor and Vodafone

2.-5676747 SMS service- This service is provided by rail zone. You just need to type like this

PNR<10 digit PNR number> and send it to 5676747

For example PNR 1234567890 to 5676747

Various mobile applications have been developed-

There are various mobile applications which have been developed exclusively for checking PNR status. These mobile applications can be downloaded easily from play store whether you are using an android or iPhone these applications are easily available on any operating system. This method is the quickest and easy to use a method.

How to book train ticket with IRCTC Mobile App Easily

With the advancement of internet online booking has become an easy task. These days buying products online and online booking are very common. Gone are the days when you have to go for ticket booking counters and wait in long queue. Today with development of mobile phones everything has become much easier, whether they are online transactions or booking online. IRCTC App that is governed by Government of India for the hassle booking of tickets by the passengers.

In today’s era no one has so much time to stand in queue and wait for ticket bookings. Everyone wants their work to be stress free and with the development of mobile applications the task has become much easier. In fact booking tickets through IRCTC website is much of a difficult task then booking through IRCTC Booking App. It is much easier to book tickets through IRCTC official application, because many a time’s servers are down and the website is not working properly working, so you can go for IRCTC Mobile App.

What you need to have before booking ticket with IRCTC App:

  • You need to have an android phone where IRCTC railway app should be downloaded and installed.
  • Your phone should be connected to wifi or internet.
  • You need to have all the documents like PAN card or driving license needs to be with you.
  • You should decide before hand the class you want to select and the and also the berth type whether you want a lower birth or a side upper birth.

You can book tickets easily through IRCTC application.


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Simple steps for irctc ticket booking app:

  1. Firstly you need to get irctc app download from PlayStore.
  2. Register on the application, If you are not an existing user then you need to register on the application first.
  3. After registering you will get an email ID and password on your E-mail
  4. You need to open your application with the same.
  5. Once you are logged in into the application you can stay sign in without logging out so every time you open the application you will be signed in only.
  6. Booking through IRCTC web is almost similar to booking through the website you need to follow the similar steps.
  7. After log in you need to go to fill the station code for example ADI for Ahmedabad where you want to start your journey from.
  8. The second tab you need the destination where you want to reach and fill it accordingly.
  9. Then you need to select the date when you want to start travelling for that journey.
  10. Then you need to select the quota there are different types of quota like tatkal and ladies etc.
  11. Then it will show the available seats option you have to select your class i.e. first class AC/sleeper class etc.
    Then select the book now option shown below and then book the number of tickets you want.
  12. For booking you need to a fill a form with details like name, age, date of birth, and also it will ask for an ID-proof like Pan Card or driving license.
  13. Fill all the details and fill the capcha correctly and submit.
  14. Your have successfully booked tickets through IRCTC website.

Hope these simple steps help you to book your train ticket with IRCTC Mobile App easily and fastly.

Steps to check seat availability in train

Indian Railways Seat Availability: Gone is the era when people used to rush towards the station to know whether their seats are confirmed are not. Earlier when the internet had not come into existence and only counter bookings were allowed (that is offline booking).

No online bookings were allowed and thus people have to stand in long queue to know whether their tickets are confirmed or not. With the evolution of the internet, a lot of the tasks have become easier and now people can check all the things online whether it is the confirmation of the seats or to check the availability status of the seats in the train.

Indian Railway Seat availability
Indian Railway Seat availability

IRCTC has introduced their official websites with the help of which it is much easier to find all the things online. So the procedure is overall much easier and just one click away which is less time to consume and also makes your journey more comfortable.

There are a various number of websites which offer you the chance to check the seat availability in train and also to book your ticket according to your plans.

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Steps to check Irctc seat availability in train (Indian Railway seat availability details)

  1. First you need to visit the official page of IRCTC where you have to log in with your Id password if you are already a registered user then you need to login if not then you need to create an account and then log in.
  2. You need to enter the train name to check the Indian Railway seat availability between two stations.
  3. Then you have to enter the station code for example INDB for Indore city, this is the station where you will be starting your journey from.
  4. Then you need to enter the station where you want to go so enter the station code which will be your destination.
  5. In the next column enter the date of a journey when you want to begin your travel the format will be like Date/month /year.

    How to check seat availability in train
    How to check seat availability in train
  6. From the next column select the appropriate option of your choice (AC chair car/first AC/Second AC/ Third AC/Third AC economy/First class/ sleeper class/second seating/general) which class you want to select.
  7. The next column will be quota choose the appropriate quota from the list ladies quota/Tatkal quota/ General Quota/ House Quota/Foreign Tourist Quota//Premium Tatkal Quota etc.
  8. After selecting all the options click on check train seat availability options to check railway seat availability.
  9. You will find a number of seats available, remember if the train is occupied you will get options like “Not available”.
  10. IRCTC provides you other options also like seats available on the upcoming dates or before dates available for you when seats are actually available.

IRCTC provides various options for booking tickets. You can book online tickets easily whether you want to book a tatkal ticket which is usually booked a day before the journey or normal tickets.
Which can be booked till one day before the journey? You can book the maximum of six tickets from your website from 8 AM TO 10 AM in one month.

How to Cancel Train Ticket

You planned a journey with your friends at last moment and booked tatkal tickets now no one wants to go to the trip the reason might be you have booked tickets to a religious place and no one is interested in it now. Now the question arises can we cancel tatkal ticket? The answer to your question is ‘YES’ you can cancel ticket. You know that normal tickets can be cancelled and there might be some charges which may apply. Remember that cancellations are allowed only of the tickets that are booked online no face to face tickets booked or tickets booked through counter can be cancelled.

Cancel Train Ticket easily

You can easily cancel normal tickets and these might be easier for you. Normal tickets are usually cancelled before 48 hours of the departure of the train. If you want to know the charges that may apply you can visit where you can visit procedure for cancellation of E-tickets.

How to Cancel Train Ticket
How to Cancel Train Ticket

I think when you cancel normal tickets some deduction from your amount takes place this might be because you have booked a ticket which might be useful for other and at the end moment you are cancelling it so that might be the reason for the deduction or tax might be the reason for the deduction because tax is applied to the respective ticket. If the tickets is cancelled 12 hours before the departure of the train then 25% of the charges will apply, if the tickets are cancelled 4 hours prior to departure then flat 50% of the tickets is charged.

Tatkal tickets can be cancelled but before the chart preparation. Chart is usually prepared for example if the train departs at 7pm then chart is usually prepared by 4 pm of the same day so if chart is not prepared and you want to cancel ticket.

Cancel Train Ticket through TDR filing

You can also cancel IRCTC Tickets after chart is prepared but for that user needs to file a TDR(ticket deposit receipt) and check the status of refund TDR is provided to the i ticket users for e -ticket users they have to file a TDR online they can do this by following the simple


  1. Go to
  2. Log in through your user name and password.
  3. Go to my transactions.
  4. Select the pnr number for which TDR needs to be filled.
  5. Click on the file TDR button below.
  6. Select the passenger details for which you are claiming TDR refund.
  7. Select from the reasons below as why you want to file a TDR Or if you are selecting others then type the reason for the same.
  8. If you are done then click ok remember no changes can be made once TDR is filled.
  9. Click on submit button.
  10. You will be directed towards TDR filled confirmation page.
  11. You can check TDR history from left hand side.
  12. Your money will be credited to the same account through which you booked your tickets.You can also check your refund status.

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Tatkal Ticket cancellation through IRCTC Agent

In case you have booked your ticket through an agent and you want to cancel that tatkal ticket after chart preparation the procedure can be a bit hectic because you have to follow the following

  • Inform your agent that you want to cancel tatkal ticket
  • Agent will have to drop a mail to
  • agent needs to provide the following details to the mail
  • Date of journey, Serial number, PNR number, train number, passenger name, From travelling, travelling to, Transaction Id, age, sex, and also reasons for filling TDR
  • No refund will be given to tatkal tickets booked as e- tickets.

In case if train is cancelled

In case if your train is cancelled you can get a refund for this you need to call customer support service of IRCTC.

How to Book Tatkal Ticket

Booking Tatkal Ticket scheme is one of the best schemes launched by Indian Railway Government. Tatkal as the word represents immediate which means booking at last minute.

For example, If you have urgency that you should be present in Mumbai for a meeting just day after tomorrow and you want it to be economic and comfortable and you don’t have time boundations Or may be for those people who have habit of making last minute plans or booking at last minutes tatkal service is also promising when you have a long waiting list so at that time also you can have a chance to book your tickets for your journey travelling through railways is one of the best option as it provides you with catering and other facility also. Remember tatkal option will not give you money back in case you again dropped your plan on the day of your journey. Tickets once booked through IRCTC Tatkal cannot be cancelled or if cancelled their might be some charges which may apply.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Process

  1. Go to the official IRCTC website at
  2. Now your need to enter your login User id and password.
  3. Select the quick book option (shown below).

    eTicket Quick Book Option
    eTicket Quick Book Option
  4. Then select the stations from where you want to go from the source station
    For Example: you can select Ahmadabad (ADI) or Indore (INDB) station codes.
  5. Select journey date and class.
  6. Now in Quota select Tatkal option note that there are two tatkal options premium tatkal and general tatkal.
  7. You can select any of the options but tatkal option would be better over premium tatkal.

    Tatkal Ticket
    Tatkal Ticket
  8. In premium tatkal tickets are overpriced according to their demands and it opens only when half of the tatkal tickets are sold so better to try tatkal option over premium option.
  9. Enter the required details and book your train tickets.

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Tips for booking Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC (Do and Don’t)

  1. Remember while you’re booking ticket it is advisable to carry a pan card or driving license as id proof because it would be required during the booking of your tickets.
  2. Carry the similar ID proof along with you during your journey as it will be a proof of your identification.
  3. Remember while booking tatkal ticket you can borrow your friends registered login id and password and try to book your tickets through that also because chances of booking will increase.
  4. Dont uses the same login id and password from different laptops as you will be logged out of your profile if you try to do this.
  5. Remember that tatkal ticket booking timings open only for one day so you need to be sure which day you need to book your tatkal tickets
    For example: If your journey date is 28th then your tatkal booking date would be 27th.
  6. If train travel time is 28th and 29th you can book tatkal tickets on 27th only.
  7. Remember the time for booking will be 10 am for ac class and 11 am for non ac class.
  8. You can fill all the details required before booking also as it will save your time.
  9. Use debits or credits cards of bank which provides a faster gateway processing option than others which are slower.

Hope these IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tips will help you to book your train tickets easily and quickly with getting more chances of ticket confirmation.