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Book Tatkal Tickets on IRCTC Rail Connect App Faster

Now one another step is taken by the government of India towards the digital India campaign by launching IRCTC Rail Connect App. As we all know Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corp. Ltd., handle all the online ticket booking, now it launched its new and much faster app to facilitate Indian citizens. The main USP… Read More »

Top 5 Tatkal Ticket Booking Software Online

Many times we want to book tickets online and when it comes to tatkal tickets it becomes more difficult because tatkal tickets booking has a limited period of time and many times it happened that you fail to book a ticket instead of the best server or internet connection. It happened many times, if you… Read More »

How to check PNR Status of your Train

What is PNR status? PNR status is a short form of (passenger name record). It is basically a record type which is saved in their database as records of the reservation of the tickets on the name of the particular person. As the other proof of documents like PAN card or driving license are stored… Read More »

How to book train ticket with IRCTC Mobile App Easily

With the advancement of internet online booking has become an easy task. These days buying products online and online booking are very common. Gone are the days when you have to go for ticket booking counters and wait in long queue. Today with development of mobile phones everything has become much easier, whether they are… Read More »

Steps to check seat availability in train

Indian Railways Seat Availability: Gone is the era when people used to rush towards the station to know whether their seats are confirmed are not. Earlier when the internet had not come into existence and only counter bookings were allowed (that is offline booking). No online bookings were allowed and thus people have to stand… Read More »

How to Cancel Train Ticket

You planned a journey with your friends at last moment and booked tatkal tickets now no one wants to go to the trip the reason might be you have booked tickets to a religious place and no one is interested in it now. Now the question arises can we cancel tatkal ticket? The answer to… Read More »

How to Book Tatkal Ticket

Booking Tatkal Ticket scheme is one of the best schemes launched by Indian Railway Government. Tatkal as the word represents immediate which means booking at last minute. For example, If you have urgency that you should be present in Mumbai for a meeting just day after tomorrow and you want it to be economic and… Read More »